Interior Design 101: How Long Does Vinyl Flooring Last?

vinyl flooring

Whether building a home or remodeling a room, flooring is essential for a successful interior design project. The right pick can help improve a space’s appearance and increase property value. It can also significantly impact a space’s durability, safety, and functionality. 

Like other things, you must find an option that looks good and lasts years in your house. One of the best decisions you can consider online or at a shop is vinyl flooring. However, as you browse the home improvement department, you may wonder how long this flooring material lasts. 

This article will define vinyl plank flooring and its typical lifespan if you want to create a more durable and attractive house. We’ll also compare the advantages and disadvantages of this flooring option. 

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Many homeowners also call this flooring option Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). This synthetic flooring replaces traditional hardwood planks or stone tiles. The planks interlock to form the flooring and mimic the other types of flooring’s appearance.

Is It a Popular Option Today?

Although vinyl flooring has long been a popular option for many houses, it has improved in quality and appearance in recent years. It has minimal upkeep requirements and is highly durable, making it an excellent flooring choice. It’s also naturally waterproof and is available in different colors, designs, and thicknesses. Moreover, the vast options allow you to choose the best for any room and purpose. 

Thickness: What Is It and Why You Should Consider It

You must consider the plank’s thickness when considering vinyl flooring for your house. This factor will determine the flooring’s durability and how much daily damage it can withstand. Remember, the thicker the plank, the more resistant it will be. 

You can measure the vinyl plank’s thickness in mil, not millimeters, with 12 mils being the most common thickness. However, if you have pets or children or considering other factors, you might want to invest in a thicker plank, like 20 mils. You should also know that many property owners use wider planks in commercial buildings. 

How Long Will Your Vinyl Flooring Last?

Vinyl flooring can typically last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on various factors like maintenance, usage, and the quality of the flooring. You can also know its lifespan by looking at the planks’ thickness, with thicker ones lasting longer. Moreover, the flooring quality is crucial because higher-quality products usually last longer.  

What Are the Red Flags of a Faulty Vinyl Floor?

Although having vinyl flooring in your house can be an ideal choice, remember it doesn’t last forever. That’s especially true if you have children or pets. Some warning signs that your vinyl floor is nearing the end of its lifespan are peaks, cracking noises, tears, and discoloration. If you spot any of these telltale signs, it’s time to consider buying better-quality options. 

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Vinyl Flooring Options?

Vinyl flooring is an excellent option because it’s easy to install without underlayment. You can install it by locking the planks together, and the floor will float above the concrete base. It’s also easy to clean because you’ll only need to use a microfiber cloth mop with soap and water and clean once weekly. Additionally, vinyl flooring is ideal for homeowners with a strict home improvement project budget. 

Like other things, this flooring choice has a fair share of drawbacks. However, the only downside to vinyl flooring is that it can fade and discolor in UV light. Other than that, it’s a great alternative to natural wood or stone.

Installing a Beautiful and Durable Floor

Vinyl flooring looks great in any modern house, but you must know how long it lasts to maintain your space’s best condition. You can help create a beautiful area by not missing upkeep requirements and finding durable options. 

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